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Homeopathy Injury Kit for Cuts, Bruises, Wounds

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This essential first aid homeopathy kit contains 24 most essential homeopathy medicines for injury-related problems

First aid  in the case of an injury or accident or during sports enables the recovery or prevent aggravation of the injury or the condition until the arrival of the proper medical attention by the doctors or paramedics

As per a US study published in Public Health Reports, more than 900,000 people were treated in emergency departments annually for non-canine bite or sting injuries, or roughly 1.7 injuries per minute. Common sources included bees (162,000 cases annually), spiders (123,000 cases annually), and cats (66,000 cases annually). Female adults were more likely than male adults to be treated for cat bites. Although rare, of the known venomous snakebites, more than half (58.4%) of the patients were hospitalized.

The most common sports injuries are - sprains and strains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, Achilles tendon injuries, Pain along the shin bone, rotator cuff injuries, fractures, dislocations

Homeopathy speeds the body's healing process across all four stages, fights infections, and strengthens the body's immunity to repair and recover from Injury. know more here

Know about muscle cramps, sprains and the benefecial action of homeopathic remedies here 

Kit Contents: 24 medicines, 21 units of 2 dr medicated pills, one unit of 30ml BFR Rescue remedy and two units of 25 Gms ointment

Homeopathy Injury treatment medicines list with indications

Medicine Indication   Medicine  Indication
Arnica Montana 200 Injuries, bruises, falls, after operations, dental work   Gunpowder 6 infected wounds
Hypericum 30 Pinched fingers, toes, jellyfish stings   Tarentula 30 Poison spider bites
Rhus Toxicodendron 200 Sprains, stiff muscles   Lyssinum 200  Dog bite to prevent rabies
Ruta Grav 6c Sprained ligaments, tendons,   Kreosotum 200 Gangrene
Apis Mel 30 Bee, wasp, etc. stings   Symphytum 200 Bone fractures
Calendula 30 Cuts, open wounds   Sulphuricum Acidum 30 Wounds that fail to heal; gangrene after mechanical injury
Cuprum Met 200 Cramps from heat, while swimming, strenous sports activity   Phosphorus 200 Freely bleeding wounds, wounds that heal and break open again
Hamamelis Vir 200 Black eye, bruises   Pyrogen 30 Blood poisoning, abscesses, suppurating wounds, bedsores
Ledum Pal 200 Punctured skin (like rusty nail) insect stings, animal bites   Euphrasia 30 Eye injuries, inflammation
Lachesis 30 Snake bite   Aconite 200  inflammations; intense fears
Bellis Per 30 Bruised deep tissue, after surgery, falls on the behind, Stiffness and sore muscles from sports   Rescue remedy Bach flower essence for shock from injury, accident


Features of Homeopathy Injury Kit

  • Get the goodness of authentic homeopathy dilutions in pharma grade sugar pellets. Pure cane sugar globules that ensure proper homogenization of medication
  • Prepared the traditional way using hand succussion. You get freshly prepared medicaments. 
  • Packed in Sterile Glass vials that are odor-free, neutral, strong, and damage-resistant. Each 2 dram vial comes with more than 225 pellets, more value for money
  • Two 25 gms external application cream for injuries and wound healing; Arnica Ointment, Calendula Ointment
  • Hand nylon cloth bag that is easy to carry, easily organised and convenient for emergency use

Dosage: Adult and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 4 pills under the tongue 3 times a day until relieved or as directed by a physician. Size: 2 dram Glass Vials

Emergency signs: While you are aware of immediate first aid, you also need to know the warning signs and symptoms indicating the need for professional or emergency care. The following are warning signs of a medical emergency as per the American College of Emergency Physicians 

  1. Severe hemorrhages - bleeding that will not stop
  2. Respiratory distress or difficulty breathing, shortness of breath
  3. Mental disorientation such as unusual behaviour, confusion, difficulty keeping awake, Fainting or loss of consciousness, extreme rage or aggression
  4. Chest pain or constriction
  5. Choking or gasping for air, near drowning situation
  6. Coughing up or vomiting blood
  7. Head or spine injury, deep or large wound, or other injuries
  8. Severe or persistent vomiting, Severe abdominal pain or pressure
  9. Burns or smoke inhalation,
  10. Sudden, uncontrollable pain anywhere in the body
  11. Sudden dizziness, weakness, or change in vision
  12. Frothing in mouth, or swallowing a poisonous substance
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