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Primary Remedies
Apis mellifica This remedy relieves pink, swollen skin with itching, burning pain improved by applying cold compresses.
Cantharis This remedy relieves blisters from burns or friction.
Urtica urens When a burn is mild and the primary symptoms are redness and stinging pain, this remedy often brings relief. It is often useful for sunburn when the pain is prickly and stinging.
Other Remedies
Arnica This is a valuable first-aid remedy to help reduce pain and swelling and prevent the onset of shock after any injury. Another remedy that is more specific to the burn should be considered after Arnica.
Belladonna This relieves red, hot and painful skin from burns or sunburn.
Calendula Ointment This remedy has a slight antiseptic action, speeds up the healing of damaged skin, and keeps the skin moisturized.
Causticum If a burn is intensely painful and blisters seem to be forming, this remedy may help to bring relief. The person often feels more sad than restless from the pain. Rawness and soreness may develop in the injured area. Causticum is also helpful when pain remains in older burns, or when burns have not completely healed.
Hepar sulphuris calcareum This remedy is helpful for treating very sensitive and painful burns in people who are prone to infection. The person may feel extremely vulnerable and irritable, and may have chills or be very sensitive to cold.
Hypericum This remedy is often helpful when the pain of a burn is intense and the nerves are extremely sensitive. Along with the usual discomfort of a burn, stabbing or shooting pains may be felt in the injured area.
Phosphorus This remedy may be useful for the pain of electrical burns, on the way to medical care. (When electrical burns occur, the damaged area may look small on the surface, but be more extensive underneath; they should always be examined by a doctor.)
Calendula and Hypericum tinctures These tinctures (used topically in unpotentized herbal form) often is helpful in soothing burns and promoting tissue healing. Ten drops of either Calendula or Hypericum tincture, or both, may be mixed in an ounce of water and applied to the area several times per day.
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