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Passiflora Incarnata Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q

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About Passiflora Incarnata Mother Tincture

Made from the leaf. It is covered by both Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India and German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

Passiflora Uses 

  • Most reliable remedy in insomnia due to pain & inflammatory conditions in acute diseases.
  • In painful menstruation and eclampsia during labour, it affords great instant relief.
  • Very beneficial in hysteric affections and a peculiar spasmodic cough of young unmarried girls.

Passiflora Incarnate Cures

Most Effective:  Anxiety Asthma Convulsions

Effective: Acrophobia, ADHD,Aerophobia Dentition Proptosis, Narcolepsy, Neurosis

Action of Passiflora Incarnata

  • Most Effective: Anxiolytic Sedative
  • Highly Effective: Antispasmodic Antitussive Relaxant
  • Effective: Analgesic ,Anodyne, Antiaging
  • Nutrients in Passiflora Incarnata
  • Most Effective: Chrysin
  • Effective: Alkaloids Amino Acids Apigenin

What doctor recommend Passiflora Incarnata for?

Dr Vikas Sharma recommends Passiflora Incarnata 

for treating insomnia in older persons. The person needing Passiflora Incarnata remains wakeful and restless at night. Mental worries may also be present with insomnia. This medicine is also indicated for insomnia in infants.

Dr KS Gopi recommends Passiflora Incarnata for

  1. Sleeplessness due to drug addiction.  Effective for morphine addiction. Give mother tincture doses.
  2. Passiflora Incarnata Q Sleeplessness due to insanity and worries. Give 15 drops a dose after 30 minutes at bed time till asleep. It produces a normal sleep
  3. Passiflora  Q and Oenanthe  Q- 5 drops of Qenanthe Q or 100 drops of Passiflora Q in half a cup of  cold water , given at bed time usually prevents the nocturnal attack of epilepsy

Dr Kirti Vikram recommends Passiflora Incarnata for

Passiflora Incarnate combines with : Avena Saliva, Bladderwrack, Cypripedium Pub, Damiana Gelsemium Semp, Polygala Tenuifolia, Yohimbe

Recommended dosage

30-60 drops, repeated several times.


Available in 30 ml & 100 ml bottles

Passiflora Uses in Hindi होम्योपैथी पैसिफ्लोरा का उपयोग; अनिद्रा, काली खांसी, नींद न आने से सिरदर्द, नींद न आने से रक्तचाप में वृद्धि, मांसपेशियों में कमजोरी

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