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St.George HCT No 40-Whooping Cough
St.George HCT No 43-Rheumatism
St.George HCT No 44-Climacteric Disorders
St.George  HCT No 45-Eczema
St.George HCT No 46-Dysentry
St.George HCT No 47-Otitis for Inflammation of the ear
St.George HCT No 56-Cystitis for Inflammation of the Bladder
St.George HCT No 57-Tonic for Women
St.George HCT No 58-Neurasthenia
St.George HCT No 60-Dyspepsia Acidity and Flatulence
St.George HCT No 61-Congested Liver,Jaundice
St.George HCT No 63-Neurasthenia
St.George HCT No 65-Palliative In Neuritis
Wheezal Baby Phos A Restorative Tonic for Babies
Haslab HC-59 Merc .BinIod Complex Tablets for Sore Throat
Only 1 left!
Haslab HC-89 Conjunctin Complex Tablets for Conjunctivitis
Only 1 left!
Haslab HC-92 Spongia Complex Tablets for Croup
Only 2 left!
Haslab HC-68 CalcareaComplexTablets for Cataract
Haslab HC-62 Gelsemo Complex Tablets for Coryza
Only 2 left!
Haslab HC-52 Vaccinum Complex Tablets for Chickenpox
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Haslab HC54 Alfalfa Complex Tablets for Weight gain
Haslab HC-42 Pneumo Complex Tablet for Penumonia
Haslab HC-40 Pulsatilla Complex Tablets for Dysmenorrhoea
Only 2 left!
Haslab HC-37 Caladium Complex Tablets for Impotency for ED
Haslab HC-34 Merc.Sol. Complex Tablets for Dysentery
Haslab HC-26 China Complex Tablet
Only 2 left!
Haslab HC-18 Ledum Complex Tablet
Haslab HC-15 Euphorbia Complex Tablets for Eczema
Only 2 left!
Haslab HC-14 Eupatorium Complex Tablet for Influenza Fever
Haslab HC 90 Strepto Pencillin Complex Tablets
Haslab HC 91 Camphor Complex Tablets
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Haslab HC 84 Baryta Complex Tablets (Thromobosis)
Haslab HC 78 Aconitum Complex Tablets (Cold, Cough & Fever)
Haslab HC 75 Chamomilla Complex Tablets (Teething)
Only 2 left!
Haslab HC 7 Berberis Complex Tablet for Gout
121 results
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