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Dr Raj Denticare Tablets for dentition, griping pains
Blooume 15 Fiebrisan Drops, Tonsillitis, Throat Infection
Homeopathy REPL Dr Adv No 82 purpiral fever drops
Blooume 37 Tonsisan Tablets for Tonsillitis, sore throat,
homeopathy REPL Dr Adv No 89 skin & youth drops
BBP Tussitol Cough Syrup, Allergic dry cough, Spasmodic cough
Bhargava Appetiser Syrup , homeopathic Appetite Enhancer
Schwabe Chamodent tablets for Teething problems.
SBL Biochemics Tablets Ferrum Phosphorica  3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 200x
SBL Tonsilat Homeopathy Tablets for tonsillitis, sore throat, pharyngiti
Homeopathy Biochemic cell salt kit  with  Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, Kali Phos, Natrum Mur, Silicea etc
Blooume 48 Five Phos Tonic with Five Bio Phosphates
Wheezal WL 18 homeopathy Influenza Drops, runny nose, cold, fever
Dr advise Homeopathy Calcium supplement Kit, Calc Phos, Homeocal
Schwabe Biochemic Ferrum Phosphoricum, Anemia, acute fever.
Dr.Reckeweg Biochemic Tablet Ferrum Phosphoricum for Anemia, Fever, Inflammation
Wheezal WL 37 Homeopathic Sinusitis Drops
SBL Biocombination No.1 Tablets for Anaema
SBL Bio-Combination No 5 Tablets for Coryza (Nasal Discharge)
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