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Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC8 for Diarrhoea (loose motions)
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic combination Tablets BC2 for Asthma
Dr.Vashisht Bio Vas 28, Homeopathy BC28 Tablets
SBL Bio combination No.13 Tablets for Leucorrhoea
Dr.Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC17 for Piles, fissures, Hemorrhoids
Medisynth Alfalfa Forte Syrup - Health Restorative Tonic for All Ages
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC7 for Diabetes
Dr.Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC6 for Cough, Cold & Catarrh
SBL Homeopathy Alfalfa Malt complete family health tonic for energy vitality weight gain
SBL Bio Combination Tablets No 15 for Irregular Periods
SBL Biocombination BC26 Tablets for Easy Parturition
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC22 for Scrofula (glandular swelling)
SBL Biocombination BC16 Tablets for Nervous Exhaustion
Schwabe Biocombination BC22 Tablet for Scrofula (Glandular Tumors)
Schwabe Biocombination BC15 Tablets for Menstrual Trouble, Irregular periods
SBL Bio combination No. 10 Tablets for Enlarged Tonsils
SBL Bio-combination No. 12 for headache
SBL Bio Combination No.9 Tablets for Dysentery
SBL Bio Combination No.27 Tablets for Lack of Vitality
SBL Bio Combination No 22 Tablets for Scrofula
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