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Allen A01 Analgesic Drops for Neuralgic Pains
REPL Dr. Advice No. 85 (PARALIN-S) for Paralysis
Allen A41 Homeopathy Memory Drops for Improving Brain Performance
Allen A40 Homeopathy Drops  For Low Blood Pressure (L.B.P.)
Schwabe Alpha CF homeopathy tablets for Cold, Catarrh, congestion Flu
Allen Dengon Solution for Dengue preventive care
Allen A24 Homeopathy Drops for Migraine and Nueralgia
Allen Fever Syrup
Allen Homeopathy Fever Syrup
Rs. 66.00 Rs. 70.00
Allen A68 Immunity Drops for Strong and Healthy Immune System
Allen A33 Homeopathy Fever Drops
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Allen A33 Homeopathy Fever Drops
Rs. 152.00 Rs. 160.00
Schwabe Aconitum Pentarkan tablets for Cold, Otitis Media, Headache
Bakson Mig Aid (Paediatric) Tablets
Doliosis D7 Cold Sinus drops
Allen's Immunity Booster tablets
Allen's Immunity Booster tablets
Rs. 144.00 Rs. 160.00
Haslab Kofsed A Cough Sedative Drops
Healwell Fluheal Pills
Bhargava Cory C Drops for Common Cold and Cough
Homeopathy Essential Remedy Kit with 36 First Aid Medicines
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